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Brain Garden is Fun! Social! and Smart!

Learning vocabulary is fun

  •   Grow your own garden!

  •   Challenge your friends!

  •   Own the word first!

  •   Be the winner of daily contest!

  •   Learn anytime, anywhere!

  •   Track your performace!

 Peek-a-view Brain Garden!

Track your performance: See how you are improving! Receive a weekly report of the words you've studied.

Challenge your friends: Interact with friends by sending them garden pests. But be careful, your friends might seek revenge on you! 

Grow your own garden: As you learn a new word, you earn a flower to decorate your garden. 

Own the word first: If you learn a new word first, you will collect royalty points from everyone else who learns the word after you.

Be the winner of daily contest: Every day a contest awaits you. Be the winner and impress your friends!

Learn anytime, anywhere: Learning should be fun! With Brain Garden, you will gain words with no pain!

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